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Thread: Travelling with patient lift

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    Travelling with patient lift

    Hello, new member here -- not SCI, but caregiver for spina bifida para. First my question, then a little background info.

    Questions: Does anyone travel in a Braun-conversion minivan with a power wheelchair and patient Hoyer-type lift? How do you do it?

    Background: My sister uses a Jazzy motorized chair, she needs the tilt feature due to pressure wound history. My parents always transferred her until Mom had a stroke and Dad had back surgery. Sis was bedridden for a few months, then we got an Invacare Reliant 450 that I use (it works great). We have had a Ford Econoline 15-passenger van with a Ricon swing-in lift, but I've never driven it due to my size (I'm not quite 5'2"). Time to get a new vehicle that I feel comfortable driving, mostly for in-town and the occasional day trip. We've ruled out big vans with lifts and are looking at a Braun minivan, but I understand that due to the kneeling feature, towing is prohibited. Our patient lift won't fit in the van with my sister in her chair. If something came up (a family funeral, for example) that neccessitated an overnight trip, I'm guessing we'd have to rent a fold-able lift (lots of medical vendors where I am). Looking for options.

    Thank you!

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    I recently purchased a used Molift 150 that folds quite nicely for transport. It is quite pricey though. However, I had an old lift (don't recall the manufacturer, but had it for 20 years, and had no problem transporting it in my van. I sit in the front passenger side, so the back area was open.

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    Both the Molift Smart and the Hoyer Advance are nice lifts for travel, as they fold up compactly or come apart into several pieces that are easy to pack into a trunk or back of a van. Neither is cheap, but you can sometimes find used (check out eBay).


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    Thanks, y'all -- I will check those out. Until a few days ago, I wasn't aware of fold-up lifts. I'll have to do some online searching, thanks for giving me some model names.

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    I recently purchased a used Molift 150 from ebay. They are quite pricey new. I believe there are a few available on ebay currently. I'm not sure about the sling specifics, other then it is also made by Molift.

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    We have a Hoyer Advance lift. We strap it to the back of the drivers seat so it's out of the way. I ride up front passenger side.

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