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Thread: air ride suspension

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    air ride suspension

    Anyone do this to their conversion van? I would think it would be a better and more practical alternative than the "kneel". Plus the van would look cool slammed to the ground when parked.

    I would also think the ramp angle would be a lot less.

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    I've thought the same. Need to go to a low rider show and ask questions.

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    I just felt the kneel system is a little harsh on the suspension. I asked my dealer about the air suspension and he looked at me as if I started speaking another language. Hmmmmmm.

    I figured I would ask people here since some have done some very unique things to aid there disability.

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    I built the air ride suspension I had in my truck before my injury. Couldn't drive it afterward since it was a manual transmission. But I drove it like that every day for 6 years. I think it would be great for people with vans/trucks that need the ability to go all the way to the ground. Plus everything looks better lowered anyway : ) But in all seriousness it all comes down to the quality of the install/parts. If its done right, you should have very little problems.

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    Brad that looks cool. I was wondering what do you do to protect the bottom when lowering. I'm thinking unlevel surfaces etc.
    I really would like to have my Odyssey slammed to the ground so it doesn't look completely like a wheelchair wagon.

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    well, i think they would set it up so that it stops a few inches from the ground anyway to avoid issues like your describing. But if you did have something happen, I'm not sure there is much you can do about the plastic side skirts, bumpers, etc. You could protect the frame by welding some steel plate to the bottom of it. That's what I did to my truck since my frame actually set on the ground. Or if you knew it was really uneven where you parked, you could just not lower it down all the way, as long as your ramp still reached the ground.

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    It looks like air ride suspension runs into money too, but does look better and probably would work better for us. I'm interested, but likely high cost and multiple failure points are a turn off. We are considering a new(er) second vehicle. This is a pretty good explanation of the system as far as I've found:
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    This is more what I was looking at something clean..

    The one issue I see with any air system is water/ice here in Cleveland.

    I think an air system would be so much better than some ram pulling the suspension down with a chain (kneeling system)
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    As far as the water/ice goes, there are water traps in the air line from the compressor to the tanks that helps keep water from getting into the system. There are also fittings on the bottom of the tanks that can be opened up to drain any water sitting in the bottom. Even if water does get into the system, the valves that open and close to fill or deflate the air bags, are designed to work even if water/crud gets in them. Nonoise is right in that there are many things that can go wrong, but in the six years I drove my truck I never had anything happen while I was actually driving. There will be some air leaks here and there, a valve may get stuck and need to be replaced, compressors eventually wear out, but its just regular maintenance like you have with your vehicle anyway. But like I said earlier, if it is installed correctly with quality parts, there will be very few issues.

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