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    For those who have wanted to produce high quality screen recordings of their computer screens for educational (e.g., making tutorials), recreational (e.g., game-play), or other purposes, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio software price will be reduced by 20% on the manufacturer's site from 5:00 EST today until midnight tomorrow.

    Mac users have an additional high quality screen recording option - Telestream's Screenflow software - which costs less than Camtasia Studio.

    There are a host of additional screen recording programs. Please list your favorite screen recording software if it can directly produce MP4 (mpeg-4) video with at least 30 frames per second. Video editing features are not necessary for the software to be included in this list.

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    On a mac Quicktime is free and records screen with the option of showing or hiding the mouse. I'd be interested to find an option that didn't show mydwell click software screen or on screen keyboard.

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