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Thread: Replacement for Savage Industries Surgilube

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    I hear ya Retto. They sent me Dynalube as a replacement. hate the stuff so much I told the DME's if this was the best they could send, I'm changing to a different supplier. I went to them because of bad customer service at Byrum. They're sending me a few other samples. and am going to try a sample of the McKesson Stephen is recommending. One of my don't send thing is nothing made in China. Will also order the Surgilube tubes for home and hope their packets will come out soon again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    The ones I linked above are just as good at half the price.

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    Is anyone getting the Surgilube in the 5 gram foil packs yet? My supplier is telling me they're not going to be making them anymore. TIA
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    We are still getting them at work. There are other brands. For example, Medline makes pretty much the same thing:

    as does McKesson:

    Here are a couple more:


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    I just recently received the McKesson brand and it is far better than Dynarex. It works just as well as Surgilube.
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    Anyone getting the Surgiube yet in the 5oz packets? The Dynarex sucks as well as the Medline! McKesson is better but still not as good as the surgilube in my opinion
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    I recdently checked to see if the Surgilube 3gm packets were available again and they're not. Tried the Aplicare packets and threw them out in frustration of trying to tear open the packet. Using ReliMed now and they're okay but it doesn't seem like there's 3 gm.I miss the 3gm Surgilube bigtime. The 5gm. is too large for one use.

    The Surgilube tube is really cheap and great for home use as long as one takes care not to contaminate the ingredients from prolonged use.

    Threw out the Dynarex too. I'm really leery on using any medical product made in China.

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    Here is a similar option I have used:

    I cannot feel it, but my caregivers say it works well if you massage the packet first to mix/ smooth out the jelly.

    By the way, I have found vitality medical (linked above) to be one of the best, least expensive, large variety medical supply stores I have found. I think they are my current favorite.

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    I've always bought the tubes of KY ay walmart, now they have it in a pumpType container like lotion. Simple, I ceased using the foil packets in 96. Get the nitrile gloves in box of 100 also at wally-whirled for about 10 bucks.

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