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Thread: Replacement for Savage Industries Surgilube

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    Replacement for Savage Industries Surgilube

    I found out when ordering caths and surgilube that Savage Industries Surgilube in the foil packs has been discontinued. They sent something called Dyna Lube. It's about the worst stuff I have ever used. The packets are not separated so when torn or cut apart, one of them opens up from a tear in the side rendering it useless. When opening up to use, many have thickened to the point where they slide of the catheter they're so thick. Ridiculous.

    Any suggestions for a lube in packets that is NOT made in China? Any idea when/if the Savage Industries SL in packets will be available again?

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    Bump, any recommendations?

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    Nothing from me. Will do some asking around and see what I can find out .

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    They still show it on their website. I wonder if your distributor has discontinued carrying it in favor of this cheaper lube? We carry these at work, and have had no problems getting them.

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    I called Savage Industries a few days ago and they said they were discontinued til further notice due to the packets thickening up. Will call again tomorrow. Thanks for your taking the time to check it out.
    It may be work still has a lt left in inventory.

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    I've used a product called EZ Lube for awhile now. They come in individual 2.7 gram packets.

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    Surgilube ( lack off) problem is getting to me also. Have been getting "Aplicare" packets with caths but can hardly get the packets open.

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    I have ordered lube packets in the past to carry in my purse for manual evacuations when I am out of the house (otherwise I just use KY jelly at home from the 4oz non-sterile tubes). Anyway, I ordered some individual lube packets to carry with me discreetly, and the last time I ordered, the brand that came was Dynalube. They absolutely sucked. The packets were hard to manipulate, but the lube itself wasn't slippery. It made the evacuation process incredibly difficult. Luckily, I found a stash I had in a different cabinet and threw out the Dynalube ones. Good luck to you in finding something that works for you.

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