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Thread: 'Epoch-making' stem cell treatment?

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    'Epoch-making' stem cell treatment?

    "If Lee Kye-ho's claim turns out to be true, humankind will be freed from Alzheimer's disease and many other incurable diseases in the near future and he will be eulogized as a "hero" who brings the world closer to a state of Utopia.

    If Lee's stem cell treatment is proven to be effective without any of side effects ― as he claims ― the 56-year-old biological scientist and chairman of STC Group, a life science company, will amass a huge fortune instantly and put his name on the list of Nobel Prize laureates in medicine sooner or later"

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    Move on with your life as you have it right now.

    Well, like all things I think we will have to sit back and see what happens. So often these "miracles" in science and medicine turn out to be some quack who's product is nothing near what they say it is. Unfortunately people grab hold of these articles and get themselves ready for a cure that never comes. I do think we will see a cure for things like spinal cord damage (or even completely severed), but I think we are a minimum of 20 years away for a complete cure and that is far too late for many of us.

    I caution people to continue to have hope, but move on with your lives in the state you are in. Then if a cure comes you are that much further ahead. If a cure does not come in your life time at least you have moved forward in your life and lived it as good as you could. We just never know when this cure will arrive and I hate to see people sitting on the edge of their chairs, all excited about the next cure and then getting depressed when it fails to arrive.

    I just noticed some articles to read at the bottom of the page and looked at their dates....2004, 2007, 2008. Nothing since then. Move on and work with what you have and try to be happy with what you still have and not with what you have lost. good luck guys, I am hoping too but I think I am realistic.

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