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Thread: Problem with VMI van

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    If it does it with the van running its not the battery.

    Bring it to a local VMI dealer, they should be able to get it squared away.

    It could be anything from a broken wire to a bad micro switch.

    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Quote Originally Posted by toobs View Post
    I ended up finding the switch under the passenger bench and it's for the kneeling system. The switch somehow reset the system and the ramp and the door started working again.

    Do you think it's time for an new battery?

    Thanks for all of your help.
    I guess it pays to listen to the sales guy sometimes LOL

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    My ramp system on the van totally stopped working.

    I ended up taking my van to Ability Center to get the ramp service. They had it for a few days and said that the door limit switch was out of alignment. They realign the door limit switch and serviced / cleaned the ramp system. It's all working now.

    Does anybody know how to realign the door limit switch on a VMI Honda?

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