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Thread: Launching Dragon automatically

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    Launching Dragon automatically

    Is there a way to have Dragon launch at startup, to prevent thelearning center box from opening, and to go automatically into ?sleep? mode, sothat I can do it all independently?

    For that matter, has anyone a suggestions for turning the computer on remotely and easily?

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    These are courtesy of the Knowbrainer quick tips. Just go down to option number two in how to automatically open the user profile and the other diagram shows you how to get rid of the Learning Center under tools. Inasmuch as starting the computer automatically you could go into your BIOS settings under power management and set the computer to open at a certain time every day. Hope this helps.

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    Randy, I'm no help on Dragon, but I don't turn my computer off, just tell it to go to sleep (click on the start button and hover the mouse over the little right arrow next to the Shut down button nad choose Sleep. When I come back to it, I just have to move the mouse and it wakes up, ready to go.

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