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Thread: Redness and skin splitting of inner thigh

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    Redness and skin splitting of inner thigh

    Hello everyone, hoping I can get some advice on a problem I'm having. Lately that crease in my groin area of inner thigh has been red and the skin has split open. This has happened a couple times in the past month or two. I'm guessing the area is getting damp from the warm weather and because I'm always sitting the area isn't getting much air. I have been using a wound spray I have to heal the area which has worked well in the past. But does anyone else have this problem? And what can I do to prevent it from happening again?

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    First it would be important to determine if you have a yeast skin infection that is part of this problem. If so, either a topical antifungal cream (if it is dry and scaly, or a powder (if moist) would be appropriate. If using powder, only a light dusting should be used (not caked on). We also strongly recommend washing and drying the area twice daily, which may mean laying on your back with your legs frogged, for 1 hour twice daily for treatment, and 30 minutes twice daily for prevention. Only after air drying like this well should the antifungal cream or powder be applied. Another option is antifungal oral medication, which would require a prescription from your physician, and should always include a monitoring of liver function studies.

    Once you get the area healed up, I can also recommend routine use of Inter-Dry. This is a thin silver impregnated fabric that you can cut to size, and lay into fold areas (no need to tape usually). It wicks away moisture, and the silver component helps to prevent fungal or bacterial infection in the fold area as well. You can get a large roll that will last some time, or smaller pieces to try out before getting the big roll.


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    I've had this problem a few times and I'm pretty sure, at least in my case, it was caused by heat and moisture. What helped me out is after showers I have my caregiver bend my knees and open my legs, frog legs, and then dry the area with a towel and let it air dry for a minute or so. Since I started doing that my redness started disappearing.

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    Hair dryer set on COOL. Shower every other day. Gold bond medicated powder. AFTER it heals.
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    I had skin splitting and redness in the groin area for a while. My daily routine was to apply powder to try to keep it dry. At one point I realized that I was not wiping away all of the powder from the day once I was in bed at night. The moment I started removing it completely, I have never had redness or skin splitting again.
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