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Thread: para men who like to wear shorts . . .

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    para men who like to wear shorts . . .

    If you are like me and you like to show off your atrophied legs but struggle with concealing a leg bag I may have a solution for you. I bought a pair of woman's (x-large) yoga pants and cut off one leg:

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    so here is the finished product . . . I usually get shorts with at least a 10 1/2 or better yet 11in inseam and it looks like this:

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    When I was still scuba diving, used to take the long leggy baggies and sew a pocket on the Inside Of the shorts, And pocket was on the outside of my thigh for the leg bag.

    The pocket had a hole in the end, could empty it out with a vinyl hose, yes rolled up the long leg of the baggies and drain it.

    Then I will fold it back in place. The key is getting the hose length right from point a to point B.

    Nobody ever saw they and back then my leg is not atrophied at all compared to what they are today.

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