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Thread: Solutions for keeping feet from sliding off front of footrest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Is the footplate high enough, and does he have drop foot?
    I am currently not wearing a right shoe. My foot has been bandaged for 3 1/2 months. I wore a sandal shoe from my podiatrist half the time, then a multi-podus boot when it finally arrived.
    Then the instep got a wound and I put the old sandal on and got a wound on my big toe, so stopped using any boot/shoe. And am reading this because the foot falls off! Then I realized that I may be developing drop foot!
    How long does it take for that to set in?

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    Have always kept my feet on the heel loops so my toes would never stick out over the edge of the footplate against mashed by a door.

    Now because my deformity and the fact that I do not wear shoes, they always fall off three times before I got the work in the morning (still wore a tie).

    Now what I do is Velcro. Put a piece of Velcro on the bottom of your shoe and a piece of Velcro on the footplate and they will stay.

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    check out a padded foot plate from wheelcomfort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcblarsen View Post
    check out a padded foot plate from wheelcomfort.
    I love that thing. I use one most of the time, since I don't wear shoes around the house. Simple to make, too. When mine wears out I plan on bending some heat moldable Kydex and gluing on foam instead of paying another $45. Holds socked feet well, too. Mine has formed decent impressions of my feet.
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    I solve mine of doing by buying a good shoe with decent tread on bottom now the only time off is spams

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    I haven't been able to wear shoes since my accident. Left foot is curved badly, sticky pad on footplate doesn't work. I use a bungee cord to hold my legs on. If I flip backwards, my legs can escape w/o breaking. It IS a hassle, remove each time ya pee,xfer etc.. I will fall OUT of my chair without that bungee. Unfortunately it isn't what I LIKE doing but it is what works for me. Do your range of motion/stretching exercises EVERY DAY!!! Take it from me who did not and wished I had. Wouldn't have solved my foot problems but hip and knee range of motion is of the utmost importance. Do everything you can to avoid foot drop buddy.

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    I have a Top End Terminator wheelchair and wear steel toe Doc Martin shoes with a thick heel. I set my calf strap so that the heels of my shoes hook behind the back of the open loop footrest. My shoes are held firmly in place even over rough terrain. However, if I need to pee really badly, as a T4 SCI my legs get spastic and begin to "jump/shake". On some occasions when I couldn't get to a bathroom right away to relieve myself the spasticity was severe enough for them to pop out.

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    I cut 1/8" ABS plastic sheet to fit the foot plate and screwed that to the slotted plate and then glued skateboard grip tape to the ABS.
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    Because it's hard to adjust foot plates in subtle increments, I just taped (double sided tape) a piece if thin cork material to my footrest. This helped keep my feet on the footrest when wearing dress shoes. I was still able to attach my Freewheel on top of this (it just compressed the cork in the middle). I need to do this on my new chair!

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    I have a strap on my travel chair, hell yeah!

    If you are off-roading or chattering down a cobblestone street at speed the last thing you want is for your feet to fall off or go rigid with spasticity and get ground down under your chair, wrecking you - no fun at all

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