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Thread: Solutions for keeping feet from sliding off front of footrest

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    Solutions for keeping feet from sliding off front of footrest

    I have a customer who inquired about solutions to help prevent his feet from sliding off the front end of his solid cover footrest. He was thinking that a second calf strap mounted in front of his legs would work. I'm looking for more other solutions aside from grip tape applied to the footrest. Look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks.

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    Sliding off like just slipping off or spasticity-type kicking off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    Sliding off like just slipping off or spasticity-type kicking off?
    Since the information was passed to me secondhand, I was not provided with detail. So. . . I'll take your solution for each scenario.

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    I had the same issue and largely solved it by buying a cheap, black kneeling pad at K-Mart. I cut the pad to exactly fit the footrest and attached footrest to pad by using sticky back velcro strips. The padding of the pad is enough to provide way better traction for feet to remain in place. The pad can quickly be removed when I want to use FreeWheel.

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    The rugby and tennis players use a ratchet strap across their feet.
    I've put bike toe clips on someones chair.
    Put bike clip-on shoes on one.
    Industrial velcro. Make sure the pile goes on the bottom of the shoe. And I don't know how well it works in really hot places, if the glue would melt.
    I've also thought of trying magnets, but not gotten roundtoit.

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    Be careful putting a restraint on feet or lower legs, esp. to manage spasticity. I have seen fractures (broken bones) caused by this. In addition, attaching feet to foot rests can result in a much more severe fall if you fall from your chair.

    A piece of Dycem would be my first choice for the footplate, and worth a try before resorting to tying the legs down.


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    If I had to I'd use some heavy duty Velcro on the footplate and bottom of my shoes. Strong enough to hold, but weak enough to break free for transfers and falls. wouldn't last forever but would be very cheap and easy to replace.
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    I just glue rubber to the footrests. Yes, definitely never do anything like Velcro strapping your feet to rests, I've seen bad broken legs doing this.
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    I put a thin piece of memory foam under my soles. No glue or anything, just seems to stick for some reason. Really helps to keep my Teva sandals from slipping off the shower chair footrests. My wet feet slip right off and soap doesn't help. Also wear the sandals so my feet don't twist/slip and rest against the metal posts that hold the back straps.
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    Is the footplate high enough, and does he have drop foot?

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