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Thread: I'll show you mine...

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    I'll show you mine...

    Here is my version of the ultimate quadriplegic home gym. Post pictures and descriptions of what you have come up with.
    Vita Glide
    stall bars
    kettle bells
    speed bag
    equipment rack
    FES bike
    Johnny G spin cycle
    wheel rack

    (for some reason message board won't upload images)

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    What a set-up! Do you have someone who works out with you or can you use all that on your own?

    I also notice the highland games posters, which is freaking fantastic. Are you or someone you know a thrower?

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    I bring someone in once or twice a week for the FES bike, other than that I have everything set up were I can do everything independently. As far as the Highland games I was a competitive thrower for 8 years before my accident, helped start 3 different festivals in the High Plains region and was inducted into the Rocky Mountains Scottish athletes Hall of Fame in 2009.

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    That's a great set-up, its awesome you can do that all yourself at home. How often do you work out? Do you ever manage to do any standing?

    I have been throwing the olympic hammer since college. I never did manage to try the highland games, I've always wanted to though.

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    How do you like the Johnny G Spin cycle? I've been looking for a good upper body ergometer for a while but balked at the JG because of it's shorter cranks. What different benefits are realized between the VitaGlide and JG as both are cardio.

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    tomsonite: on average I work out 6 days a week. Usually 2 strength days and for cardio days but sometimes I split those evenly. On my strength days I left for 1.5 hours and then stretch out on the Johnny G for half an hour. On cardio days it's usually an hour and then some stretching afterwards. I have a standing frame but having used it for several years. I live by myself and that is one of those things that would be nice to do just hanging out and not having to schedule into life. I loved throwing the Olympic hammer. you should try the games, the best time you can have with clothes on.

    I love the JG. Because of the design of the spin cycle is very easy for you to individualize the reach you want to achieve. The way I have the spin cycle set up I am pulling back with resistance. The vita glide is more of a pushing motion. They both definitely have its place but the spin cycle is excellent at loosening and stretching your shoulders as well as providing cardio opportunities.

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    Can you get in and out of the standing frame yourself? If so you should try standing and using some of your Strength equipment... it usually kicks clients a$$.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    great idea! unfortunatley I cant.

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