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Thread: Do any of you quads drive?

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    For you C5-6 Quads driving from wheelchair. How do you handle stability in a hard LEFT turn?
    I currently drive from power seat, but 35+ years getting difficult (shoulders) to transfer.
    Even from my std. seat with chest strap a sharp left can be hazardous at times...lateral movement.

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    I use a modification on the door I can tuck my elbow under along with my chest strap for added balance.
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    I am very interested in this topic too. C5-6 complete and unable to transfer. My biggest question is about seat belt.
    I have a longer upper body, which means more balance issue. After 19 years, my balance issue is not much problem during my daily life, but I put my both or one arm behind a chair when I use a public transportation.
    I much prefer using a manual wheelchair because I work in a office all day.

    For the driving, what kind of seat belt system do you use to support your upper body? To drive, I believe people should move their arms forward. On this situation, don't you any any balance problem?

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    I have a seat belt the mounts to the top of the van wall on my left and runs to the floor. I roll under it and lock in to drive. Admittedly left turns are not as secure as leaning in the wall when turning right, but I have mu left shoulder hooked on the seat belt, if you will.
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    well got screwed on this, no refund and no responses by and Bob Sweeting. beware.
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    I still haven't got my refund on that hydroboost that Bob Sweetney modded. sent back and delivered 3 weeks ago. ive left multiple vm and email. I hope im wrong, I will update rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    have any of you taken a sharp left turn or hit a bump and fell over in the chair while driving? Or do you most you guys have core stability? Even in my electric wheelchair which stabilizes my ribsI have fallen and even if I have my belt on if I fall over I'm stuck like that, As I'm unable to get myself back up, The only exception is if the chair is in tilt mode or already tilted back enough which is how I stay upright but wouldn't be effective for driving If it is far back enough or in the mode I could use my arm to get the joystick back then once far enough in my tilt spasms permitted I can then throw myself back. But that's only if I fall forward on to my knees if I fall left or right then I'm in Deepwater. If this situation Does happen and you fall over driving , Does it often lead to an accident or is there some kind of mechanism which the car will not go forward or backwards without the hand controls actually be initiated, even if the vehicle is on A a angle for God for bid a hil. some kind of power break? Then how do you get yourself back up? I know most Incompletes c5-6 can get themselves back up But not all, and certainly not a complete has this ever happened to anyone? Manual chairs offer almost no stabilization of the core , And I see that a lot of people use them well driving that just does not seem safe without core function at least somewhat intact . But very curious

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    So you didn't learn your lesson when you broke your neck? WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.

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    Yeabut the seatbelts arent necessarily going to hold a full-grown man weight Falling forward like a limp noodle. Seatbelt in my van would keep me in my chair probably, but with enough weight and force or a bad angle I could definitely fall left or right leaving me dangling down the side of my chair! Specially if my spasmS helped. It's not a full body harness
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    Sounds like you need some sort of upper chest restraint to prevent you from falling forward while you're driving
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