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Thread: Great new website/app to navigate to accessible places

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    Great new website/app to navigate to accessible places

    thought id share this website for travelers or those who want to help others navigate their hometowns

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    It is OK, but they link to Google Maps for the businesses they show on the site, and you cannot add anything. The search is poor...many businesses (restaurants, entertainment locations, etc.) for my city don't show up at all.


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    The site is designed for you to also enter data about places in your own town. I think if you look at the site, most of the entries are for places on the east coast. Not sure, but I think the ultimate goal is for everyone to enter their findings on any place they happen to go to. Eventually there will be enough entries that the search function will work much better than it does now.

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    No, you cannot add any businesses that don't show up on their Goggle search. This is very clear under their FAQs. I found a lot of businesses (like attorneys' officies, medical offices, and accountants), but many restaurants, attractions, movie theaters, etc. don't show up, and can't be added.

    Can I add a place that's not on AXS Map?

    No. AXS Map pulls from Google Places database to populate it’s maps. Google Places is working actively and diligently to catalogue every business everywhere all across the world. They do an amazing job and we rely on them. If a place is missing, we recommend submitting an inquiry to the great team at Google.


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    Do we really need more of these apps and websites? Surely it would be better to have one place to list and review that has info from as many people as possible rather than multiple sites with a small number of reviews. You almost need Google to take it on and develop it.

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