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Thread: Standing Wheelchairs

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    Yep, I've got one, not sure of the brand off hand. It works great for standing, but is awkward as hell for getting around. Gotta make compromises for all those standing farkles. The footrest is raked out pretty far in front (compared to what I like) so it's about 8-10 inches longer than my everyday chair and about four inches wider and pretty heavy. I though the standing function would be awkward or difficult to operate, but it's actually remarkably easy: Once you have your knees locked in with the bar, you just push forward on the two levers next to your wheels and with very little effort it raises you to standing height and locks you in, when your done pull back and it lets you down nice and easy. I thought I would get more use for mine than I did. I really only use it to change light bulbs and wash windows, but it's nice to change your perspective and get high every once in a while... sometimes I forget how tall 6 feet is.

    Oh, and it was somewhere slightly north of $10,000 when I got it 5 years ago.

    **edit** Just looked and it says "Lifestand" on the back, so I think that's the brand.
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    Hello there everyone. My name is Steve and it was my father who requested information from ' Jim'. My fraternity brothers are raising the money to purchase a power standing chair. I guess my dad was just doing some due diligence of his own on this. My equipment needs are pretty specific, we're trying to raise money for a fully equipped new Permobil F5 vs! My current chair is beginning to show wear and because of my aging, over time, my body just doesn't seem to fit comfortably. To be quite frank, this new chair will probably be the last one I have to buy. Naturally, I hope that's not the case.

    Thanks to everybody for their input. I really appreciate it.

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