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Thread: Do I need a second opinion? Bronchitis or pneumonia ?

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    Do I need a second opinion? Bronchitis or pneumonia ?

    I am a c6 quad and have no ability to cough. I started wheezing last night after be congested for 2 days. I went to urgent care during the day but I have the worst symptoms at night. He started me on an antibiotic and said it was bronchitis after listening to me breathe. When I breathe in through my mouth it almost feels like phlem is getting stuck together and kind of popping apart. I can't tell if it's chest or lungs. But I am constantly exhausted

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    I would give the antibiotics a few days to work first before seeking another opinion. Can you have someone help you to quad cough? This may help break up some of the secretions maybe even do some chest PT as well. I must also add if this is not better in a couple of days that a second opinion would be needed by your primary doctoras well. Also you may want to give them a call to let them know what is going on and see what they say.
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    My wife had pneumonia 5 years back. She tried to tough out the problem at home. Like you she cannot cough productively. We finally had to call ambulance to ER where pneumonia was diagnosed. She was placed on antibiotics and spent an overnight. Next AM she had a severe mucus plug in her airway and had to be trached. If she was still home when the mucus plug occurred she might not have made it. We now have a cough assist machine at home and keep a pulse/oxymeter always handy to check blood oxygenation level. I also have 2 ambubags which were assigned at various hospital rooms - since these cannot be reused I brought them home and keep one in the bedroom and one in van. If she ever stopped breathing I could use one of these until help arrived.

    I am not sure I would trust an urgent care center to grasp the import of an sci person with breathing issues. If hospitalized try to avoid doctors using "shotgun" approach with antibiotics (providing multiple antibiotics simultaneously). My wife contracted C Diff this way.

    Good luck.

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    I agree with a couple of things here. First, you need to develop a relationship with a primary care doctor. The revolving door of the Urgent Care is not going to work for you. You need some one who sees you healthy to know the difference. Second, an assisted cough and or what we call a pounding (I cup my hand and gently percuss Ry's back to loosen the mucus.

    The best part of a good relationship with Ry's doctor is when he or I call and say he is getting congested, not only does Dr. P see him today, he treats it in an aggressive manner because he knows that second only to skin issues, respiratory issues are Ry's greatest risk.--eak
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    Last year I let a "chest cold" go too long and ended up with pneumonia. I was intubated and on a vent for a week. Since then I have obtained a cough assist machine and use my percussion vest often. I hope you feel better soon!

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    Better? Inhaler given? Chest xray? Possibly allergy induced asthma if wheezing.You definitely don't want to delay treatment or even hospitalization for pneumonia can be serious- if cxr was done it would show it.

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