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Thread: Neuropathic Pain

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    Neuropathic Pain

    I have been diagnosed with chronic referred pain after being paralyzed as a result of a motorbike accident. Since the accident I have been in a lot of pain constantly. I'm paralyzed from T12 with an incomplete break. I have tried numerous different medications however none of them have been successful. Some of the medication I've been on are listed here: 20mg Ompreazol Morning and Evening, 300mg Lyrica Morning and Evening, 60mg Duloxotine Morning, 2.5mg Dulcolox Pearls in the evening, 20mg Imiprainne three times daily, Detrusitol XL 4mg once daily, Desmopressin 100mg twice daily, Zolpidem 10mg once daily, Diazepam 20mg once daily, Amitriptyline 10mg morning and evening, Ketamine 10mg four times daily, Pethadine 3mg four times daily, 5mg methadone four times daily, zimbalta, codroxamal, oxynorm, oxycodine. I've tried a baclofen pump, morphine pump, electrical stimulistion of the spine. I've tried 47 different tablets these are just a few I can remember. I've been for treatments in D?sseldorf and the Walton centre in Liverpool however both were unsuccessful. If anyone is having the same problem or has any advice please get in contact with me about this.
    Thanks, Trevor Leckey.

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    Wow that is a lot of medications.

    You need an overhaul of your medications

    Omeprazole --> reflux
    Lyrica --> neuropathic pain
    Duloxotine -->antidepressant that helps with neuropathic pain
    Dulcolax pearls--> constipation
    Detrusitol (Tolteridine)---> bladder spasms
    Desmopressin -->synthetic hormone that reduces urine production
    Pethadine--> opioid for pain
    Methadone --> opiate for pain
    Cymbalta --> same as duloxetine
    codroxamal couldn't find what this is. Is it
    codoxime??? if it is then it is an opiate
    Oxynorm (same as Oxycodone)
    Zolpidem -->sleeping pill

    Here is my question... what are you taking now? I hope not all of these at the same time?

    I hope you get set up with a pain clinic. Is that what the Walton Centre in Liverpool is?


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    It reads like the list I use to keep on the different drugs I've tried! Kind of a who's who of meds for neuropathic pain.......that don't work! I guess if you're one of the lucky ones, Lyrica might help some, but for me it affected my eye sight and caused edema, and I have enough trouble with my legs with that having only one kidney. For me I ended up at a decent pain clinic and was put on morphine, baclofen, gabapentin, and percacet for break thru pain.

    I hate to say it Trevor, but losing the pain completely usually doesn't happen. I wish I could say that it did. I hope you've found a good pain clinic.

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    The Walton centre is one of the best pain clinics in Europe. I'm only on lyrica and amptriptyline at the moment however the pain is no worse or better than when I was on all of the medication. Can you recommend any pain clinics in America? Thanks for reading my post I'm from Ireland but would travel to a pain clinic in America if I thought it would help.

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    I'm off most of my medications now and my pain hasn't changed, could you recommend any pain clinics?

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    Try Nortriptyline. I'm not sure if it actually helps, but either that or something the neurosurgeon did taking the spinal cord stimulator out has seemed to decrease the frequency of intense pain. Other than that, I'm sure you've seen that opiods don't help it.
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    You know when you have been on the list of medications you listed and only on two now and the pain is the same there needs to be a different approach then using medications to address the issue.
    Where is the pain located ? And what does it feel like?

    if you going to a pain clinic in the UK surely they have a psychologist on staff? Have you met with him/her and discuss other strategies?

    i don't have one pain clinic per say to refer you to. The approach to address your pain depends on where it is located, what the nature of your spinal cord injury is, the condition of your spinal cord, any surgeries you have had etc. Surgery or pain pumps are possibilities based on your MRI and the status of your spinal cord. I hope these strategies have been done before going for another opinion elsewhere.

    good luck to you keep us posted


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    The pain is a severe cramp and it's like a hot burning stabbing pain. They tell me the pain is is my spine but the brain is telling me the pain is in my right leg even though I'm paralysed from the waist down. My doctor says its referred pain. I have took myself of the tablets over the past few months. Cambridge university hospital have suggested deep brain stimulation, have you got any knowledge on this? Thanks for your advice.

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    Perhaps they would let you refer your pain to one of them !!! Sorry for the wise crack and I hope you got a charge out of it. But this is a serious problem and saying it is referred pain is in my opinion pretty ludicrous, when all you want is to be is of it. What pbr says makes a heck of a lot of sense. the Doctors have to reassess their thinking regarding your situation. What they have literally thrown it it doesn't work, and that is saying a lot. Don't expect 100% stoppage of this pain perhaps a reduction and dulling and something you can live with. Only you can know where this level is.

    But doping yourself senseless or (for me) being artificially tired all the time.... sucks. I take what I have been prescribed as prescribed and I collaborate with my Doctor(s) to assure myself it is the minimum that I require that allows me to sleep at night (most of the time), move about in my chair and be mobile enough to use my crutches to make transfers etc. and without constant intense pain totally collapsing without warning. But I have been suffering this permanent partial paralysis for over 40 years. The key being partial.

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