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Thread: T12 spinal fracture

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    Thumbs up T12 spinal fracture

    Dear all,
    I have just had five screws placed around my T12 vertabrae, two weeks ago. I entered into the water incortectly after a very high fall- landed on my lower back. I went to hospital immidiately as my entire back was in a very painful spasim. After two sets of scans, the Dr decided on a back brace at first for two months. After staying in hospital for 4 days, all the orthopedic sergeons evaluated my case the following Monday and said I have to have surgery without a doubt. It was scheduled for the very next day. The reason for this surgery is to prevent permanent, future damage and pain.
    I am young and healthy and hated the idea of surgery, but it was so important.
    I'd like some advice if anyone has any to offer?
    I can walk slowly for quite a distance but I have the following problems:
    Shocks of pain in my right lower back, stomach and upper leg, especially when I sit up and especially in the morning when I wake up.
    Numbness on my lower back on the left side up to my left buttox. No feeling at all.

    It is only two weeks after surgery, but are these pains and sensations normal? The pain in my right back/ leg is constant and it stops me from going for walks and being able to sit up even when I wear my back brace.
    My screws have to be removed in 2 years- can this cause further complications?

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    Followup with the surgeon.
    Are you getting therapies right now?


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    Welcome Dorainne, when you follow up with your surgeon be sure to ask about spinal swelling. Most of us experienced significant changes within the first 6 months after surgery. Hopefully your pain will be reduced and you'll get more stamina.

    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003

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