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Thread: New CF Spinergy Wheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    I don't disagree, but by that logic, there'd also be no reason for the popularity of LXs.

    TiLite's basic Shadow wheel only weighs 0.1 pound more than a LX wheel.
    True. But, I'll never bend (permanently) a spoke or hear any creaking from a LX.

    Quote Originally Posted by roller View Post
    Sigh, there is so much I could say and explain to you right now tooley but I couldn't be arsed
    not trolling. Expressing an opinion, as others have. Sad you feel you can't express yours. It's only a wheelchair wheel, not your moms breath or hair colour.

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    How come no one is mentioning the real reason people want them? They are the newest thing so they must be COOL BABY, COOL

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    What about the Round Betty Carbon Fiber wheels.Name:  attachment.php-2.jpg
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Size:  97.3 KBName:  attachment.php-3.jpg
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    What kind of Kenda tires are those?

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