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Thread: Self-hypnosis for spinal cord injury healing

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    Self-hypnosis for spinal cord injury healing

    I found this program to give a similar feeling to meditation; relaxing and uplifting.I would recommend it for anyone interested in mind/body healing.Very well done...

    "Spinal Cord Healing" was created to access the mind-body connection for individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury. It was inspired by Larry Baker, who specifically requested that I prepare this audio title. Throughout 2003, Larry provided me with his research about ideas of existing stem cells, macrophages, and neurotrophic growth factors within the spinal fluid, existing nerves that can stimulate nerve cells to elongate and sprout new fibers, repair damage, and create new axons. This audio addresses issues of "body healing", "emotional healing", and successful and loving acceptance of the "new self" following a spinal cord injury. Hypnotic suggestions are offered to stimulate the regenerative process that occurs in other body parts, as well as when it occurred during the fetal development stage that gave birth to the individual as a healthy functioning baby. Body issues address: • Spinal cord nerves growth, reconnection, and regeneration. • The awakening of dormant nerves to activity from shock and from non-use. • The remylenation of existing nerves that can't function because of damaged or missing coverings on axons. • The repair of the dura (covering over the Spinal Cord) if damaged and/or scarred. The removal of obstructions to growth, such as the compression of the spinal cord from bone, scar tissue, and the unfriendly environment for growing axons. Emotional issues address: • Problems of hopelessness, especially new injuries, of seeing no future for their selves. • Problems of self-worth leading to self-esteem issues. • Problems of motivation. • Problems with depression. • Problems of anger. • Problems of fear. • Problems of guilt. • Problems of body image. • Problems of goal setting. • Problems of grieving over your life lost, at least it feels this way compared to the way it had been lived. • Problems of physical loss of body mobility and body functions (some of which may have previously been most private). • Problems of personal love and care for their "new" selves. This audio is only available in CD format."

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    I totally believe in the mind-body's just difficult for us to get past what we are conditioned to believe.
    need lots of discipline and we can achieve a lot
    In 92 I thought I'd play safe & let my sober friend drive us home

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    I have been researching and attempting to create a Yoga Nidra for relaxation with the guided meditative tour of spinal cord healing. I wish I would have found this recording a few years ago!

    The he link has changed to,

    has as anybody listened to this recording? Or any others? I would love to hear from you.

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