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    Gel Battery

    I have a X5 Frontier and I am looking to buy a new battery. As this is my first foray into power chairs I was wondering if anyone knew the best type of gel battery to buy also for the best price.



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    The best gel for powerchairs is either Oddsey or MK. Shop around because prices vary. The last set of MK's I bought epwere from Care Medical out of OR, they were $200.00 each shipped to my door.

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    Odyssey Batteries are not Gel they are AGM. MK are they best Gel choice.

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    MK's Gel's are one of the best, I think they are made by Deka Penn. I have heard that the Duracell gels are made by Deka also.

    My battery of choice is Sonnenschein DryFit (not the rebranded Exide). They have always outlasted all others for me, but are expensive.

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    Thanks for clarifying that, I've never used them but heard they are more preferable over the MK's.

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