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Thread: My Smartdrive MX2

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    Quote Originally Posted by betazoidgal View Post
    I like what you're talking about regarding the indoor mode sans wristband. I'd be interested in seeing if Max Mobility will work on that.
    I reckon it wouldn't be hard to implement, but the issue is security ... there's no point ripping off the drive if it won't work without the bracelet. A solution would be to have a dongle that plugs into the power charge socket, which already can accept the accessory switch. It would be coded like the bracelet to work with just the host unit and programmed to allow operation of the SD within certain parameters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishahu View Post
    I reckon it wouldn't be hard to implement, but the issue is security ... there's no point ripping off the drive if it won't work without the bracelet. A solution would be to have a dongle that plugs into the power charge socket, which already can accept the accessory switch. It would be coded like the bracelet to work with just the host unit and programmed to allow operation of the SD within certain parameters.
    That makes sense.

    I got the new bracelet today! I've tested it and I stop just fine now. The motor will disengage a little too easy for my taste, but I feel that might be technique and/or me being a very fidgety person. It is so amazing! I went for a stroll around the neighborhood with ease =] I look forward to getting around campus this afternoon without worrying about needing a push.

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    That's great. I am glad it's working for you. You'll learn a lot about you SmartDrive and some of it become instinctual. I have the earlier model and I never thought I would get used to the bump switches. The first instinct of every chair user is to grab the rims but with my SD without thinking of it I go right to the bump switch before I grab the rims. I even do it when the SD isn't installed. Windy days are really great with the SD. You aren't pushing into the wind, the drive does the work and it's amazing. It's also good if you get hurt, the drive does the work. I even got a flat tire one day and the drive drove me straight with no problem, it was like not having a flat. It's not perfect, you are already finding that out. It's got it's idiosyncrasies. But it's pretty good help.

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    Yes it is technique. Remember that using the SD is like always going downhill. You control direction and have your hands on or near your rims all the time, or ready to go to them as needed. In open spaces go "no hands Ma!" and feel the wind in your hair - no need to pay for a carnival ride.

    A flick inwards with your wrist stops the motor, which you can do to slow down or together with grabbing the rims to make an emergency stop. That action appears to be limited to a sharp movement. Soft movements don't switch, and other movement directions also don't switch unless they're vigourous. I often reach for things like to get my wallet out of my under-seat pouch, straighten my hat, weight shift etc etc while on the move.

    One thing I've become wary of is corners ... if I go into one with the motor on too high my wheels lose traction and the chair skids. The situation where that is most an issue is getting assistance on a kerb cut with not a wide pavement before a building etc. Switching has to be timed to the moment of reaching the top the incline to regain control on the level. Again, as other elements, it's reflex now.


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    Grrr. Dead bluetooth again last night.

    The usage before that was:

    Full recharge overnight Sunday
    Use for 1.2 km on road midday Monday - switched on approx 20 minutes
    Use for movement around building with thick carpet Monday night - approx 500 m overall - switched on approx 20 minutes
    Use indoors Tuesday night mix firm and carpet surfaces - approx 100 m - switched on approx 15 minutes
    In same indoors Tuesday night tried to switch on again - no power in wristband

    I doubt that usage caused the battery to drain. It has discharged idle in that time.

    For the techies ... I have Googled and found nothing for what I need in this case. A cable that allows the bluetooth to be charged from my phone battery. Is it possible to use the phone for a battery output? That way I can dangle the bluetooth from the phone and use it either by hitting it in my pocket to stop, or have it reverted to indoor mode during the recharge.

    Alternatively, does it sound like a faulty battery that should be taken back to Max.

    Could it be the magnets in my wristband draining the battery, in which case I may need to come up with a different solution for getting it on one-handed.

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    So it burned out after about an hour. Obviously that is not enough time. It seems faulty to me since you started out fully charged. I'd reach out to MM.
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    A word for the - like me - unwise. Went at speed down a driveway onto the road, fortunately a quiet one. Mistimed, wrong angle, chair bounced sideways once, and again, and I came a cropper. The dignity more bruised than the body and lesson learnt.

    Still, my love affair with my SD hasn't waned.

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    After contacting my dealer with the short battery life problem of the wrist unit, it was replaced (in fact with the one that had been supplied in my original delivery). The battery lasts much longer in this one, such that I've noticed possibly a short battery life in the main unit. I suspect though that the software is misreporting (blue lights) the remaining power.

    After a full overnight charge, a trip of 4 kilometres lasting a couple of hours often leaves only one light showing. Plug it in, the charger light is red, but after only a short time it is back to green. Switch on SD and four lights show. This is a regular pattern.

    I had heard that fully discharging the battery could reset software issues. So this evening after work I suspended the SD from a bar and set it going, not sure whether the motor or wrist unit would give up first. That was at 6:30 pm Thursday. With a flick of my hand I think it went to second, maybe third speed. This was after a full charge Monday night, brief usage Tuesday night, and idle after that.

    So, watched TV and checked from time to time.

    At the start there were three lights. Over the space of almost 5 hours there continued to be three lights. I started to write this report with three lights still shining and say that I wonder when it will shut down when I heard the motor switch off. Bluetooth wrist unit still on good charge. (Interesting aside - with the motor stopped, no lights, but the switch in the on position, the wrist unit is glowing blue. Switch motor off - wrist red. Switch motor on - wrist blue and one blue light.) Flick wheel starts the motor for a few seconds and it stops again with no lights.

    So, I wonder what distance that 4.5 hours would have covered. Clearly pushing me would chew a lot more power than just freewheeling. My assumption is that the motor is running to expected duration and distance but this is not being reported correctly by the software into the lights.

    In practice, especially as the unit has just gone from 3 lights to zero in such a short time, it leaves me very insecure as to how far my SD will take me before it's out of juice. Maybe this discharge will reset the software and give a better report.

    The other interesting element here is that some of my early experiences are recurring - tapping doesn't as reliably switch off the motor, some unrequested acceleration. So those issues possibly were in the wrist all along, not in the motor. A conversation with my supplier ...

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    I just upgraded from the mx1 to mx2 as it seems more quad friendly. curious to see how I like it. I rarely use the unit but great to have when needed rep
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    Mishahu Thank you for the report. I am still having problems controlling my MX-1. I have years of experience with it now and I still cannot get it to engage when I need it to. Everyday is an experiment. I keep getting stuck in intersections in freewheel pushing and pushing trying to engage. I have tried every possible combination of pushing techniques I can think of and it still evades me as to what triggers the programming. My SD helps me so much but it is so frustrating. Last week I hurt my shoulder giving one big push trying desperately to engage the motor. And like some of your accelerations I get that all the time too. It chooses a higher speed on it's own. It's not out of control and I can quickly disengage it but I find myself being afraid to stop once I am underway because I am so concerned about getting the motor to engage again. This means I am running into things because I am braking instead of disengaging the drive. The SmartDrive has helped me more than anything I've gotten but it's also unpredictable and for me, very hard to manage.

    I hope you get you battery issues worked out. Maybe if we keep trying things and reporting in we can make progress together. I wish new software was available from Max Mobility that we could download somehow. Maybe one day that will be a feature for new units.

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