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Thread: My Smartdrive MX2

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    Quote Originally Posted by brighteye View Post
    ...clip...Any inputs/suggestions from all of you would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
    MX1 might be better for a number of reasons if he can switch chairs.
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    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Have they received FDA approval yet? I noticed they updated there USA youtube channel with Mark introducing the MX2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brighteye View Post
    Are you happy with the SD MX2? ... the power supply cut off as he was about to go up a ramp ... Power cut off whn the wristband accidentally taps the wheel rim ... How to avoid sudden acceleration?
    Hi. These are things that I'm working through and I think Max Mobility should be giving an opinion as to whether these are inherent in the design or a signal that there's a fault that needs to be addressed in either hardware or programming.

    The MX2 being in a single unit makes it the better option in general, and especially, with the folding chair - apart from the problem of how to attach the battery to the chair - as setting up and taking off the MX1 is a multi stage process that takes a great deal more time and effort than MX2:

    Attach the motor
    Attach the battery
    Connect motor to battery
    Plug in switches to battery
    Place cables
    Fix switches to chair frame (x2)

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    My Smartdrive MX2 #2

    After viewing Max Mobility's video ( which shows Mark giving a small push to start the motor, and an almost imperceptible tap of the hand to switch it off, I realised that all my experiences were serious problems. Among other issues, I had to give strong pushes to start, which frequently still didn't get it going, and had to give a number of strong taps of the wristband to switch it off, and even then it would start up again multiple times until I finally got it to stop.

    When I contacted the dealer they said that there is a known issue with some of the early release units and to bring it in for a fix. I stated that as I had these issues with it out of the box it should be replaced rather than opened up and fixed and they did so.

    Today I had my first real outing - what a difference! A gentle push to start smoothly. A soft tap while holding the handrim stopped the motor reliably.

    The message is that anyone experiencing any of the following issues should contact their dealer immediately:

    Difficult to get the motor to start
    Motor starts and quickly turns off or goes into a set of starts/stops with multiple wristband vibrations then completely stops
    Motor stops when terrain changes (i.e going from flat to up hill/ramp)
    Motor accelerates with multiple wristband vibrations without any extra pushes
    Knocking wristband doesn't switch off motor
    Knocking wristband switches off motor but motor starts again without any extra pushes

    While I haven't been in all the situations yet that I've reported on above I feel that the new unit is doing all it should, and will post here to let you know what the Smart Drive does for me.

    A note for Max - rather than wait for users to realise their unit isn't working properly, you should contact them to ask for feedback on their experience and let them know that it's not their fault for not learning to use it correctly if there's a problem.
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    One of my regular walks in the neighborhood - 3.2 km from home to Bondi Beach and back. Mostly level, multiple kerb ramps, 1 moderate 150 metre incline, 1 steep 250 metre hill. All good and Smartdrive held to the requested speeds, switched off reliably when I wanted. The easier push to start allowed me to get the motor to start even on the hill.

    This thing is genius!!!

    I'm still trying to come to a solution for a one-handed wrisbtand though as the way I have it now it knocks against my handrim a lot and switches off.

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    Yesterday my SmartDrive helped me so much it is amazing. I was so sleepy I felt half awake but I was able to run an errand as the SD did the work. Using this new pushing stroke is helping so much - a long push and then waiting. I am still have lots of problems engaging the motor while I am moving or if I am at the bottom of an incline like at the start of a crosswalk starting at the gutter. That's a push upward and without being able to get much speed I am just pushing the extra weight of the SD and stuck in the intersection trying to move. This happens to me so much.

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    What does the SmartDrive cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    What does the SmartDrive cost?
    I paid $8600 Australian. I've been told that the accessory constant speed button, which I've yet to decide if I need, is $750!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grommet View Post
    problems engaging the motor while I am moving
    Yes. I'm having success by giving a firm push on one wheel for a twisting motion. With the change of direction - even less than 30 degrees - the Smatdrive swivelling seems to be sensed as extra acceleration than with trying for a greater forwards push and engages the motor or if already on goes to the next speed. I have been achieving 3rd speed with this method.

    Quote Originally Posted by grommet View Post
    lots of problems engaging the motor ... at the bottom of an incline like at the start of a crosswalk starting at the gutter.
    I had that too, but now once I have my casters on the ramp and the chair is stopped (or just moving slowly) giving just a slight push engages the motor. This is easier is where there's a dip before the kerb ramp that gives an assist.

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    Hi, I have worked with my local clothing alterations lady on a solution for getting the band on my wrist with one hand.

    Cutting off the ends of the bluetooth holder and sewing on a strap with embedded magnets to make a wristband. It's a first draft and I'll refine it a bit but this works great. Easy to slip on and off with my teeth and chin. In operation, when needed to switch on/off the bluetooth I press the button against my chin.

    I'm extremely happy with the SD and doing a lot more than I could without it.

    An image explaining the band is here ... why doesn't the system allow me to insert images? (thanks nonoise for explaining how)
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