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Thread: Solar Charge Maintainer on van

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    I went through this a few years back. The problem with using solar in this application is getting enough amps into the battery to keep it fully charged. A typical plug in battery tender puts out 1.25 AMPS and it does so for as long as the battery needs it (day/night, sun/rain). Solar panels have to be pretty big to put out enough power. A 100 WATT panel is 4 feet by 2 feet and will put out 5.7 AMPS, but only for maybe 4 to 6 hours per day. I was driving a full size Chevy Express and the dash is HUGE. I couldn't fit anything over a 50 WATT panel and that was not enough to offset the battery drain.

    My solution was to have a remote car starter installed. It has a built in timer that shuts off the vehicle after 15 minutes if the key isn't inserted in ignition. So now I have reminder on my phone that goes off every three days. If I have not driven since the last reminder alarm, I remote start the vehicle and the 15 minute run time tops off the battery from the van's alternator. BONUS: remote start is also awesome when it is very cold or very hot out.

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    I wanted a remote starter but my EMC shop said I needed to use the Emc branded unit. At $800 plus I decided against it. The reasoning was that the unit has to wake before the ignition.

    I have dealt with DEI equipment before, I actually had 10 plus channels on a 4 button hey fob remote to operate doors lift and a few other things. I would think that a pulsed channel could wake the system before starting but they did not want to entertain a lower cost alternative. I am apprehensive of alarm shops interfacing with the EMC system.

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