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Thread: bladder spasms and AD

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    bladder spasms and AD

    ive been getting bladder spasms for years now. im c5/6 with suprapubic catheter. ive also been getting botox injections but i still get the spasms every once in a while and sometimes really bad where im in AD for days, which happened to me last friday after changing my catheter. the intense AD is gone but my bladder spasms arent completely gone and i still go into light AD, mostly goosebumps/chills light sweats. during this time i cant get an erection, actually the complete opposite happens and my penis shrivels up.

    when i lay still spasms subside. any sudden movement like a muscle spasm or a sneeze triggers it. any pressure on my lower abdomen near the cath stoma triggers it. any activity even rolling my chair triggers it.

    on a rare occasion when i do get an erection the spasms subside for the duration and come back. really the only thing that completely stops them is when the catheter is removed, which really isnt an option.

    they do eventually go away after days or weeks

    is there anyone else with similar issue? what causes the spasms? anything i can do besides the botox like home remedies?

    this is really painful and frustrating as im seeing someone new and sex is out of the question right now


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    a spasm of any kind is a muscle in tension. the bladder is a muscle and when it spasms it is tense and not allowing the urine to empty from the bladder. It will empty when it relaxes. an anticholinergic medicine such as oxybutynin will allow it to relax and empty. checking with your provider

    botox, as far as I am aware, will only help if you have urinary leaking at your urethra, to allow your urethra to hold onto it basic strength.


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    Would it still prevent urination with a suprapubic?

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    where was the botox injection administered?


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    in the bladder.

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