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Thread: new baby, now what?

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    new baby, now what?

    hi guys, i am c5 inc since 2006, i use electric and manual wheelchair when i am going around the city and crutches around the house, my wife and i just had a beautiful daughter , she is one month old. any help and advise , what works what don't ? and equipments or adaptations? any organisations for fathers on wheelchairs?
    thank you all

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    I used a sling to carry my babies around. It was easily the most convenient way for me to manage pushing, and doing things, from the chair while keeping the little ones close and safe. My guys rode around slung to me everyday, through all kinds of activities, for a couple years. Never owned a stroller.
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    Here are a couple of websites for parents with disabilities. Check out resources and information there too:

    One of my clients has a C5 injury and had twin girls. They both road on his lap in the wheelchair from a very early age using a sling to support them and keep them safe. Later they learned to sit on his feet and also ride straddling his neck between his head and his headrest. One of their most enjoyable activities was him doing donuts in the wheelchair in the living room with one in each of these positions..."More, daddy, more!!" was their constant cry! Now they are big girls (5 year olds) and they still ride on the chair with their dad when they want to be close.


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    You will have to search a bit, but lots of info there.

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