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Thread: Long-term use of medication

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    Long-term use of medication

    So I take 40 mg of baclofen total every day for the last two years, how harmful is this drug?
    Also take vesicare and mytribq once a day for the last year or so, can these cause problems with the body, example bladder cancer after long-term use? Also take diazepam and Hydromorphone as needed not very often though

    I know people take a lot more than me, others also take less what's the long-term damage with this crap. BeFore my accident no matter what I wouldn't even take an Advil. Because my spasms are never ending, relentless and very violent baclofen even sometimes diazepam is necessary. And well I couldn't stop getting infections or pissing myself before I took the bladder medication.

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    I have been taking Baclofen and Diazepam daily for 35 years, I'm still here.. lol..

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    Death is not a concern. Cancers, especially liver, kidney or God for bid testicle, Bone damage, permanent damage to the body etc. Hair loss, skin problems etc.

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    Well you are at risk for bladder cancer due to the spinal cord injury and should tested annually with ultrasound of bladder and kidney anyway.

    There are patient's on higher doses of baclofen than 40 mg oral daily.

    If your spasms are difficult and are not controlled by the oral baclofen you may want to consider talking to a provider about a baclofen pump and whether you are a candidate for it.


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    Why Is it that we are more at risk of bladder cancer. I imagine a super pubic catheter makes that even worse. Isbladder cancer easily treatable

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    You are more at risk than the general population because you have a foreign object either inserted through a stoma site or in and out of your urethra however often you void. Whether it is latex (the worst), silicone (still a slight risk) or some other object it can cause mutations of bladder cells along with a higher risk of bladder infections. Are you going to die in 20 years? More likely from an airplane crash that bladder cancer, but you still have to do your due diligence and get an annual cystoscopy every year with the same urologist so they have a baseline. If anything looks suspicious they can snip it and biopsy it right there. Renal ultrasounds, and if you had any unusual symptoms over the last 12 months possibly an abdominal CT.

    As you can tell from most of us on these sets are 20 years, 25 years, 35 years plus, it isn't that frequent but you do have to acknowledge that there is an increased risk. If you eat McDonald's every day there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. For some they may be fine, for others they just want to be cautious. You and your urologist can determine the best plan for you all.

    Also, baclofen is for general spasticity. They now have and have had to spend target specifically bladder spasms going back to Ditropan (oxybutynin) or I take 4 mg of Toviaz that also has an eight mg dose.

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    i take 120mg of baclofen daily and 20mg of valium, for past 6 years. And I still have spasms
    not going with a baclofen pump, dont want a hockey puck in my stomach
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    I have been on 80mg of Baclofen for over 10 years and have been on practically all of the bladder medicines on the market since 1998. I have currently been using Toviaz for my bladder for the past 6 years. The only trouble is that it didn't help at all for incontinence or kidney reflux, so I have had bad kidney infections off and on for the past 2 years. On August 7th, I am having my bladder removed and getting a urostomy, since I have exhausted all non-surgical options for neurogenic bladder.

    I agree with you Mac85, I don't want to Baclofen Pump, because the last thing I need is another device in my body to go haywire. The neuro eventually put me on a combo of Baclofen and Zanaflex, and this has helped me spasms at nighttime.


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    Is the tubing they used for the cystoscopy a hard rod or a flexible tube?

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    Tizanidine (Xanaflex) is very helpful. Baclofen itself- no long term side effects- if you can tolerate high doses- some are too drowsy etc. Tizanidine can also make you sleepy.
    Baclofen pump is a lifetime commitment and not without any risks and should be reserved for those who can't tolerate or Baclofen /Tizanidine don't decrease spasticity.


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