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Thread: I have two questions...

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    Most people with suprapubics clean the site with soap and water, you can also use a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution and an antibiotic ointment at the site if you have pus. Let your provider know if it gets inflamed


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    Cowboy - maybe I didnt understand your question - I manage my colostomy with Irrigation with good old tap water. There are Irrigation kits from Coloplast with sleeves, belts, Irrigation bag with built in thermometer, a cone to put in your stoma, a belt, and a sporty bag to travel with all this stuff. I have been irrigating every third day for 12 years. Takes me one hour - then there is no output for three days - not a bad deal really. During irrigation I can use a computer, read, listen to music or do all the above at once. The place to learn about irrigation is the UOAA irrigation forum. I used to participate back in the day . It was a good group of people -- most had colostomies due to cancer of the colon, rectum, or anus. Not many SCI people. Doesn't matter. I know it would be challenging for quads to irrigate.

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    No arndog, you were right the first time it's the Hartman's I was talking about although I didn't know that's what it was called. We haven't cleaned mine in over a year and I feel like I have to take a %^&# all the time even though there's no longer that connection. I'm not sure that's the cause of my feeling like I do but it was a thought and I wasn't sure about how to clean it out. I think we might try Digital's stimulation although I know it's going to set my nerves off! I am afraid any type of suppository might take too long and I don't want to lay their in bed and wait.
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