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Thread: Multiple rear wheels

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    Multiple rear wheels

    I am hoping to be able to borrow some of all of your infinite wisdom once more, if y'all don't mind!

    I have a Box Everyday Suspension Chair. It came with 25" SLX rear wheels which i have court style tires on. I live in Canada and I'm a competitive horseback rider so some kind of knobby rear wheel situation is really really helpful. I have a set of Round Betty Dino wheels, with knobby's on them, but haven't been able to use them at all - not even once in the year I've had them! - because the axles I have don't fit with the Round Betty's. I emailed Box and asked for help in getting axles that would work with the Round Betty's and the response was "maybe email round betty for axles and axle sleeves." (That was the entire email...)

    So that was not helpful on any level. I thought axles and axle leaves were a chair thing, not a wheel I wrong? Do I really need to swap out the axle sleeves too in order to use a different set of wheels??? If so - not an option! My chair and I were hit by a car about a year ago now and it got me straight on my left side. I broke my hand as it was squished between the bumper and my wheel, and it was a significant impact. The inside of my camber tube was stripped and the whole axle sleeve, axle, and wheel just fell off the chair completely as I was trying wheel away from the accident! It took me 8 months to get the stupid chair fixed but now I cannot remove the axle sleeves at all. We re-threaded the camber tube and it's safe and it won't fall off again, but it can't be taken out because things don't quite line up perfectly and it was a big fight to get it back in and functional and safe!

    So - is this even possible? Where would I get axles? how would I know what to get? Do I really need to swap out the sleeves too every time I want to change wheels?

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    I think both use 1/2 inch axles. Your problem should only be the length of the axle. I would expect several vendors here would know the correct length axle you need to make this swap. Use one of these folks.
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    To my knowledge, wheelchair axles (made in USA) are either 5/8" or 1/2" in diameter; 5/8" is used on some sports chairs, and 1/2" is used on everyday chairs.

    Like nonoise says, length is important. Most axles have limited adjustable lengths (threaded nuts), and axles are available in a variety of lengths. Do your axles fit in the RBs? ((take them out of the SLXs, and try them in the RBs.) If so, they're the right diameter, and you just need to check what length is needed. Let us know if you want help doing that.

    If they don't fit (i.e., wrong diameter), a solution may exist for that, too. Keep us apprised.
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    What about your hub brakes? Will they transfer over?
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    The axles do fit into the wheels, yes. They just won't lock in place on the chair which I am assuming means they are too short?

    As for my brakes, my chair doesn't currently have any. I've bought them and paid for them...but when the vendor here is going to decide to come and put them on my chair? No idea.

    That said, as long as the wheels can still be removed with the hub locks on (which I believe they can...) then I don't really care if they transfer over to be honest. I've been a year and a half, almost 2 years, without brakes so if I don't have access to them one set of wheels I don't really care. I really only want them for riding the city bus and the subway. There are a handful of other situations too...oh and so physios/OTs/doctors/attendants will stop panicking when I transfer without brakes. I actually have a single scissor lock that doesn't even come in contact with my wheel on the chair right now just so that I can put it "on" and everyone will shut up about my safety during transfers. They don't seem to need to know that it doesn't work and have all been very happy since I put it on there. I can literally wheel around like normal when it's "engaged" haha!

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    Oh! And where does one get these axles? Can I order them on SportAid or whatever? Or do I go back to Box or Round Betty like they told me?

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    There are several people here on CC who work for or own companies that can supply axles. I'm hoping one of them speaks up or sends you a PM, they deserve our support if even in this small way.
    You can figure how much too short they are by comparing the two wheels. Try to measure the outside to outside distance of each bearing set and subtract the difference. Add that on to your existing set. If it is minor you might be able to adjust your's longer by turning the nut toward the push button. Notice that there is a flat spot for a wrench on the other end. Somebody else will probably say this in plain English. There used to be a diagram, but it may have gotten lost.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    It sounds like the axle is too short. Remove it from the wheel and install it in the chair, then measure the distance from the axle-receiver to the inside of the nut on the end of the axle.
    Now find something you can put into and through the wheel bearings. It would be good if you found something that has a step on it that you can catch against the outer/recessed bearing. (the blue disposable Papemate pen here has 4 1/2"from the underside of it's cap to it's tip, for instance, and would work up to that length). Stick it in and mark it where it protrudes out of the inner wheel bearing.
    The difference ia how much longer your axle needs to be. If it is <1/2", there may be enough adjustment in the end-nut of the axle to accommodate your wheels.
    If not, you'll need to order longer axles. Axles are spec'd by the distance from the little locking ball on the inner end to the underside of the nut on the outer end. You'll need to measure your axle AND measure how much of your axle protrudes from the axle-reciever when installed. The difference between the protrusion and the new wheel measurement is how much longer your new axles will need to be.
    And, I'll bet if you posted that length up here, any number of the community might have used axles for you at little or no cost!

    EDIT: you already have something to measure the wheel-hub axle length!
    Wipe the grease off your axle and install it in the wheel from the inside, then pull it back until the locking ball stops it. Mark the axle with a felt pen where it enters the inner side wheel bearing, remove it and your wheel hub spacing is the distance from your mark to the inner edge of the locking ball.
    Good luck
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