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Thread: Time to vent and anyone know of support groups

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    Time to vent and anyone know of support groups

    I am looking into finding a support group somewhere in the Albany NY area I am C5 Brown-S?quard syndrome and have been living with this for 15 years.

    I dont know why though maybe its just been building over the years but lately the SCI has been getting the best of me. Like I read on other post its like ground hog day same thing over and over. Everyday I wake I am like another day seriously and that last about 10 minutes but it is getting tougher maybe age, maybe having more responsibility? I was blessed with my wife now ex-wife being pregnant when I had my accident. Thank God. Now I have custody of my son, no complaints he keeps me going its just a lot of work always on the go.

    I think the years of surgeries, rehab, pain, dealing with insurance companies probably number 1 on the list, and just living with all the daily activities that family has no clue as to what you go through. I love the phone calls of how are you and then they just go right into what they need. Sick of it and I enjoy helping others.

    I dont want to get to in depth because I am not even sure if this is the place. I am out of a wheelchair walking with difficulties and it seems like I dont belong or deserve to be part of being in a group of people in chairs even know I was in one for a year and know all about it. I tried a therapist once and he was more concerned with co-pay and his watch needless to say last visit many years ago. Thats why I am looking into a group type setting.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you all for your posts


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    Welcome to CareCure! I moved this from the New SCI forum, since you are not really newly injured. You will find many people here with incomplete SCI like yourself. Please post, read others' posts and become a part of our community.

    If you are interested in more in-person support groups, here is a listing of the 4 chapters of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association/United Spinal Association (NSCIA/USA) in NY state:

    You may also find support groups linked to your closest large SCI rehabilitation hospitals.


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