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Thread: Need examples of not having a proper exam or been on an exam table.

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    Need examples of not having a proper exam or been on an exam table.

    Filed this complaint with DOJ 8/14 and think it will set a precedent for doctors offices across the nation. Now have a case number.

    Any examples of harm, disservice, ect. a resulting from improper exams would be great. Like to be prepared any comments you have will help?

    This is a copy of the original complaint submitted on the ADA website.

    My name is Cris I live at xxx I am filing an ADA complaint against:

    Address: 3zzzz
    Phone: zzzzzzzzzz

    Not one office (100+) of Doctors in this conglomerate has an accessible exam table. Even called and asked for any and they said no.

    I have not had a proper exam or been on an exam table since breaking my neck in 1982,

    This is discrimination by not receiving the same level of care and service as those without a disability.

    Title III of the ADA requires all offices to be wheelchair and exam table accessible but not one is. Here is a 9 page list of doctors out of compliance.

    ? 36.102 Application.
    . This part applies to any ?
    (1) Public accommodation;
    (2) Commercial facility; or
    (3) Private entity that offers examinations
    or courses related to applications, licensing,
    certification, or credentialing for secondary or
    postsecondary education, professional, or trade
    Public accommodations
    (1) The requirements of this part applicable to
    public accommodations are set forth in subparts
    B, C, and D of this part.
    (2) The requirements of subparts B and C of
    this part obligate a public accommodation only
    with respect to the operations of a place of pub-
    lic accommodation

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    I've had the same gripe since my injury. The medical group that my PCP is part of have numerous examination rooms and not one has an accessible exam table for someone who is unable to stand. On another note a new wound care facility has been built here and every exam room is fitted with a hi-lo hospital bed. Hope you have success with your endeavor.

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    Mr. Wilson:

    Would like to discuss the treatment and care of people with disabilities from accessible facilities to continuity of care when admitted to the hospital, not just the narrow scope of accessible exam table.

    Enclosed is a PDF ( ) the exam tables.

    Thank you,


    Original messageSubject: HFMG/Patterson [IWOV-WSACTIVELLP.FID1612497]

    Mr. Patterson-

    My name is Lou Wilson and I am an outside attorney who works with Health First Medical Group (HFMG). I wanted to introduce myself and perhaps talk with you in advance of our conference set for Friday to better understand your concerns and changes you would like to see HFMG make. Please give me a call when you can at 321-

    Thanks very much,

    Lou Wilson

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    Please consider contacting Disability Rights Florida at 850-488-9071. They have helped us with a similar issue.

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