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Thread: Wheelchair Handrims: reducing oxidization.

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    Wheelchair Handrims: reducing oxidization.

    Hi all,

    My generic aluminum handrims oxidize terribly and leave my hands covered in black after 5 minutes of use. This turns everything I touch black, and although gloves keep my hands clean, they don't mitigate the issue.

    I'm thinking of changing to titanium or carbon fiber handrims, or re-anodizing my current rims. Anyone have any experience/solutions to offer?

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    If you have the skills etc to anodize them yourself then go for it, but if not wouldn't it likely be cheaper to replace them? I personally love the natural fit rims, though without the coating as that rips the shit out of your hands when you brake (In my opinion). I won't use any standard/round rims again personally - for what that's worth! I'm not sure I've helped much here...but that's all I have to offer at the moment!

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    I had that problem when I stripped off plastic coating from wheels a quad used previously.
    The quick/cheap solution is paint on clear laquer, etc.
    If you can stick the wheel on a 1/2" rod or tapered pin and clamp it so you can spin it in place, it makes things easier. You can get away without taping or covering the wheel if you aim properly. If there's overspray, some spray carburetor cleaner and a rag will clean it up while it's still not cured.
    I found I had to refinish these rims annually with daily use.

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