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Thread: bypassing at night

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    bypassing at night

    I have a problem I am unable to solve. Some nights I experience bypassing from my foley catheter. Often I will wake up just before it happens with some mild dysreflexia (I can hear my heart pounding in my ears). The bypassing is always accompanied by severe penile contraction, "shrinkage". Visually that is quite distressing! So I feel that the shrinkage and the bypassing are going hand-in-hand, so to speak. But I cannot figure out what is causing the shrinkage to happen. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    The authors of this article suggest that it is kinking of the catheter tip that is a primary reason for bypassing. If so, perhaps changing to a different catheter, or different size of catheter, may provide a solution.
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    Are you using a urethral or supra pubic foley catheter?

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    I am using a Foley catheter. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midtoad View Post
    I am using a Foley catheter. Thanks.
    That doesn't quite answer the question. A foley catheter can be used in a supra pubic stoma or indwelling urethral? So, which one are you using?


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    I agree with midtoad. I experienced the same and after changing catheter brands I've had no more incidents of leaking around the catheter.

    I didn't realize that you were the OP until just now.
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    sorry about the confusion. I'm using a urethral catheter made by Bard. I'm going to try one size larger (I currently use 14 French), and switch to a silicone one instead of latex. I'll report back on what I find out in a month or so.
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    Keep us posted.

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    The catheters that I normally used quit manufacturing them and I switched to bard 100% silicone foley. It's the brand that I had trouble with. I ordered some made by Medline and haven't had any problems with them. After comparing the two, the tip of the bard's appeared to extend farther from the balloon.

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    Bingo! I think you may have found the problem!
    Let us know if you have further issues.

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