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Thread: is there any good news out there?

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    is there any good news out there?

    some days you just need some good news. anyone?

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    Yeah I know, it's been pretty dead around here for like two weeks ...whats up people
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    Team Fight to Walk and United 2 Fight Paralysis ... pretty darn similar names! So politicians have results from China that haven't been published yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KofQ View Post

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    That's an awesome link but it mentions there might be a "wait," even if they get the green light... I wish I could do something to make it happen today. If only I was a billionaire... funnily enough they/we only need millions and is doable. If we had aomething like the ice bucket challenge to get the hype and trend train rolling.

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    Fucking facepalm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by taymas View Post
    but it mentions there might be a "wait," even if they get the green light...
    Jim posted a couple months ago about this and sounded pretty confident that it would be happening in the US THIS year.

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    The timeline is continually moving due to many, many factors. I try to do my best to keep you all up to date, but don't always know the most recent goings on, and can't share some details. These are the first clinical trials I have observed from the sidelines, and man is it tough, especially bringing a therapy from China.

    The paper is on track to be published this year, creation of the IND application for US FDA is underway. I'm told it will be in the neighborhood of 10,000 pages. Big pharma have separate departments to accomplish this, we don't have that luxury. Start date of the US trial depends on when the paper is published, FDA approval is granted, and funding. Everything possible is being done to make this happen yesterday, hang in there.

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    Not trying to come off as a dick head here. But does Wise now believe it wasn't worth going to china first. It seems that is what has slowed the process down.

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    ASIA A chronics walking, return of bowel and bladder, and growth across the injury site . How can that not be worth it? ChinaSCINet has completed 6 clinical trials for $2 million, it is unprecedented.

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    Jim, where you able to attend the briefing in DC?

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