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Thread: Constructions workers using Disabled parking... with permits/placard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    I've probably let the air out of more tires than all of you put together. I've NEVER punched a hole in a tire. This is rude and criminal. The two wrongs don't make a right you learned in kindergarten. I use to use a valve core remover and put the cores in an envelope. I wrote something on the envelop nice like: The next time you park here your car will be on fire, or you wanted to be handicap so now you are. They leave the envelope under the windshield wiper.
    If you don't let the people know why they have flat tires its just vandalism.
    Two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left. Your method does seem more civilized, but I am not some mad tire slasher. It has to be fairly egregious from me to resort to any action.

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    I remember a verbal asskicking I got from members of this forum years ago for telling a story of a time I put 1/2 inch plummbing copper pipe behind all the wheels of a F250 that near ran me over in a multilevel carpark. I havent been game enough to do it to direspectful parkers. I think I will start doing it again. It shits me! right up the wall...
    Everybody wants freedom.... They just don't want it for everybody else...

    A college professor, a man I now consider my dad, once told me...
    "The minute you let someone decide what you can and cannot do, your life is no longer yours." A truer word has never been spoken in my opinion.

    Professor Bill Johnston
    (1930- )

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    or you wanted to be handicap so now you are. .
    Haha, I like that one

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    Something that I discovered lately would apply for more 'creative' ways to exact revenge...

    This is some seriously foul stuff, a quart of concentrate could 'adjust' many vehicles (poured into the air intake for the passenger compartment somewhere at the base of the windshield).

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    Just be careful. Any a**hole who would park illegally in a handicapped spot might also have no compunction in assaulting or shooting the person who is vandalizing their vehicle, even if in a wheelchair. Also, if you do anything to their vehicle that causes damage, you can be charged with vandalism...and being in a chair would not get you "Get out of jail free" card.


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