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Thread: Burning sensation, electric shocks and other unpleasant sensation

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    Burning sensation, electric shocks and other unpleasant sensation

    Hi. I'm C5 complete and I've been dealing with this from the beginning but now it gotten worse. Burning sensation in my lower half, some kind of electric shocks, and the worse is just the sensation of like there's something tight around my chest, belly and lower, which is very uncomfortable and just makes me unwell and kind of stops me from my normal activities because is worse when I get up in my chair and makes me want to stay in bed more where I feel better. I know that's because of my nervous system being messed up, but is there anything I should do, or what's the best medication for this? Is there more people dealing with this? Thank you.
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    Hey Silvio, wish I could tell you it gets better but it doesn't. The fire doesn't go out, those elephants continue to find our chests the best place to have a seat and there is no sure-fire med that works 100% of the time for everyone. I STILL expect to look down and see a fire burning my body at times when it is peaking. It took me quite a few years to 'train my brain' to ignore the various pains to some degree. Pharmaceuticals only go so far and when you realize the bad side effects from them, you have to balance/weigh the benefits vs harm. I won't go off on a rant about my dislike of the medical/pharmaceutical industry as it is, like everything else in this world, a subject you have to research for yourself.
    I choose to go the natural route. Eat H E A L T H Y as much as you can afford to. A non-gmo/organic diet is the BEST thing you can do for your body. READ ingredient labels and UNDERSTAND how gmo and pesticides are hidden in >75% of items sold in most stores. Governmental agencies labeling of ingredients are NOT trustworthy. Food allergies cause bloating and 'pressure' also. Learn to recognize your food allergies/symptoms.
    EXERCISE is of utmost importance also. Diet and exercise are the two BIGGEST weapons you have at your disposal. Look to the plant world for medicines. Ginger root is 10x better than ANY pill and 100% safe at inflammation relief AND prevention of it, along with being good for digestive health and a whole host of other things,including menopausal symptoms and cramps for women(used to be common knowledge). Cannabis is greatly beneficial, once again, properly sourced for organic grown and different component ratios work for different things.
    I've tried damn near everything docs threw at me at various times mostly to no avail. Although one particularly bad inoperable rotator cuff tear I did take oxycodone and it worked great for me. Unfortunately I failed a piss test for pot and had the script taken away. That was the one thing that also got rid of/lessened the burning pain in conjunction with pot.
    I was diagnosed with brain tumors about the same time or I would have fought that shit. Sadly, dealing with ignorance, prejudice and just plain old dumbpHuckery in general is what you will have to learn to deal with alongside sci. I now take kepra daily for seizure prevention and it is the ONLY pharmaceutical I take. Cannabis works and would get rid of the last remaining one if I could manage to grow enough to make my own oil without forking thieves stealing it. Good thing I promised my creator no killing of fools.
    To sum this all up, go natural, not pharmaceutical if you want to have a chance. Also, there are going to be days it is just better to stay in bed to get through the day and don't kick yourself for it. Good luck old man.

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    Thanks CapnGimp for your advice. My diet is not bad anyway I'm trying eat healthy and go for organic as much as I can. As regarding the weed I haven't tried it yet cause I gave up smoking all together after my injury because you know how bad smoking is especially for a quad...but there are other ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. I'll see how that goes. Cheers and good luck with your crops.

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    Silvio, have you been tried on drugs commonly used for neuropathic pain? This would include gabapentin, pregabalin, or even carbamazepine, or tri-cyclic antidepressants. In addition, TENS has been found to help some people with the "banding" type pain you describe in your trunk (radicular pain). Acupuncture has helped some people, and as mentioned above, MJ if you can get it legally (don't risk jail as you won't get a free pass to avoid this just because you are in a chair). Try to stay active too. The endorphins you produce with exercises can be very powerful pain control adjuncts.


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    I just got a prescription from my doctor for tri-cyclic antidepressants(lofepramine) for my depression, and I was doubting on going on that road but if it also might help with my other discomfort I'll maybe give it a try. Thanks KLD

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