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Thread: Royal posture back brace?

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    Royal posture back brace?

    As a quad who slouches often I was wondering if this item would be of any benefit? Thank you for the input. Ian

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    I am also a sloucher and have concidered something like that. My only concern and part of the reason I don't wear a binder would be skin areas under the brace. I suppose if you were carefull enough with skin chercks it might work. Here is another one on Ebay.

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    I wish I could find something that stops me from bending forward and tipping sideways. I've tried braces and chair backs with no luck. I always feel off balance.

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    I have seen numerous skin problems from back braces. They should not be used without close monitoring. The one linked looks like it would create real problems because of the heat and humidity around here. At times, a loose fitting t-shirt is too much.
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