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Thread: Torrents

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    Yes, I use Private Internet Access VPN for torrents, and don't experience much of a slowdown in torrent speeds. Their website looks horrible and super scammy, but it's a legitimate service.

    EDIT: DO use a VPN. I've received a letter from my ISP before and it's not fun...
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    Yep Kodi

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    I have used both and I can say that TorGuard offers faster speeds
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    Downloading for 12 years I think...
    Recently got letter... thinking about VPN.
    I have a question for you guys -
    Would VPN screen only torrenting or all my other activity (emails, browsing, dropbox etc.)
    and also as I am working on my computer from home -
    Could my sensitive business files be exposed to someone from VPN company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie J View Post
    The purpose of VPN Service is to keep your original IP address hidden and use anonymous IP address. Whenever you visit any website, that anonymous IP address will be used. All the traffic data will filter through VPN connection. But a condition is that no traffic logs will be allowed as according to the Private Internet access company can?t traffic logs, also the data is encrypted with SSL layer.
    You should do a little more research on private Internet access. There have been plenty of people that got a knock on the door from fbi
    I use express VPN, like I said before I have had about four or five VPNs this one is faster than all the others. You can check it out here
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    I would just stream. In fact just buy an android box for $100 US at your local electronics store or online and you can get access to over 1000 channels. Torrenting is a thing of the past now.

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    Torrent, good idea, bad execution

    Torrent is good way to distribute a file to many, but implementations trash your file system particularly Apple Mac OS X hfsplus. As content length is known implementations should be patched to fallocate(2) and ftruncate(2) FD as the very first file operation.

    Seen lots of Macs trashed by

    I run torrents on my old Debian machine using ReiserFS which uses blocks rather than extents. My current Debian machine uses XFS which uses extents.

    If you only want privacy, not scalability then Tor or some proxy will do. I run both Tor exists and Debian Torrents.
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