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Thread: Rear Wheel loose?

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    Rear Wheel loose?

    When on my zx1 I have noticed that the wheelchair wheel on the left is "scrubbing" the floor, as is suggested, but a lot more than the right wheel. I noticed this when I drive my van and I'm in the habit of putting the wheelchair brakes on (while connected to zx1); I always grab the right tire to transfer and want that brake on to stabilize my transfer.
    Then, when I transfer back to wheelchair, forgetting to take brakes off, I noticed I could not move my zx1! Then saw that my left wheelchair tire was solidly touching the floor, literally sitting on the floor not scrubbing it.
    I tested this also by tooling around outside on a bit of uneven pavement with my brakes off, and the left tire was catching too much ground.

    Checked my zx1 hook up and if I hook up too much and eliminate the problem, I'm then in "crawl mode".
    Hubby and I are decades in our chairs and it seemed the whole left wheel was a bit rocky in the axle bar, so he worked on the axle nut, turning the nut so that the wheel was fitting close into the axle bar. He even tried washers on the axle. Then wheel would not lock into axle bar, so washers removed. The wheel is still a bit too rocky.
    Today we will also try backing off the nut, and then trying washers again. Maybe that will work.
    Now I'm wondering if there's some kind of adjustment inside the axle bar. I'm in a TiLite Aero Z.
    Any suggestions? Plan to peruse my manual too.
    Thanks for any comments.

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    First try switching the wheels side to side. If the same caster scrubs its a frame component (rear axle, front fork,etc). If the other caster scrubs, it the wheel- low air, out of true, bad bearing, etc.

    What chair?

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    Problem solved. It was the nut at the end of the camber bar that was loose. We tightened it with channel locks and almost all the play was gone. Once we fixed one side we noticed more play in the other wheel, the nut on the outside of the camber bar was also loose.
    We tightened this and both wheels have almost no play. This is a tiLite Aero Z, 4 years old. If you have a similar chair and have play in your wheels it may be this nut (black) and not a problem with the axle adjustment.
    Thanks for the suggestions, though.

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    Go get some Blue locktite and put it on the threads, so it doesn't happen again.

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