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Thread: Is this MS?

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    Is this MS?

    My wife and I divorced three years ago. We have three young children who are in her custody. Over the past half year she has been experiencing these symptoms. She will never see a physician although I have urged her to. She is afraid of the diagnosis.

    Does this sound like it might be MS??

    Fatigue. (For the past year the home has looked like a hoarder lives there; no energy to clean up)

    Tingling in the extremities. (on left side)

    Blurring of vision or double vision in one eye. (on left side)

    Memory difficulties.

    Rapid and generally unpredictable changes in emotions. (This has been true for years to a degree but seems to be worsening; she can jump from being in love with me to threatening to call 911 in minutes with minimal cause.)

    Tremor, or uncontrollable shaking, in various parts of the body. (not too noticeable to others, I think also left side)

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    It could be MS, but it could be something else. Many conditions have similar symptoms to MS. My first thought was depression (which is very common among PWMS (People with MS).) Diagnosing MS is a tedious process for docs.

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    agree with above I would to see primary care provider first and get a consult to see a neurologist


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    Are the children being cared for properly? Are you able to provide some care for them?
    Aside from the need for medical consultation, are you able to hire a service to help her begin a clean-up at home? With her symptoms it would be horribly difficult to manage the daily tasks of taking care of children and home. It sounds like she's struggling with it.
    You might want to call some cleaning services to check costs. A few visits might help her get back on track. Once that's managed maybe she will agree to doctor visit.

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    Could be but a doctor's visit with a neurologist and tests to rule other things out are in order.
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    Only an MRI is really going to help, diagnose. For that as the others have pointed out, needs to be set up by a neurologist

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