My wife and I divorced three years ago. We have three young children who are in her custody. Over the past half year she has been experiencing these symptoms. She will never see a physician although I have urged her to. She is afraid of the diagnosis.

Does this sound like it might be MS??

Fatigue. (For the past year the home has looked like a hoarder lives there; no energy to clean up)

Tingling in the extremities. (on left side)

Blurring of vision or double vision in one eye. (on left side)

Memory difficulties.

Rapid and generally unpredictable changes in emotions. (This has been true for years to a degree but seems to be worsening; she can jump from being in love with me to threatening to call 911 in minutes with minimal cause.)

Tremor, or uncontrollable shaking, in various parts of the body. (not too noticeable to others, I think also left side)