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Thread: Appendicitis

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    Other than pain and possible fever, what would be the symptoms of appendicitis be for a person with a SCI?

    I was having a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen last night/early morning and it has returned this evening. I thought it might be gas so I did my trick to get rid of it, but it wasn't gas.

    If not appendicitis or gas, I'm thinking possible kidney stone passing through the ureter maybe? Or possible phantom pain?

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    Lie on your back with your heels near your butt (knees bent). Straighten your legs (unbend knees). If pain spikes in your lower right abdomen, go to the ER. Nausea can also be a symptom of appendicitis.
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    Gallbladder may also be the issue best way to tell is by either CT scan or ultrasound.
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    If you have sensation in your abdomen, you can often get a pain response with appendicitis by pushing firmly on the abdomen in the right lower quadrant with a finger 1/2 way between your belly button and your hip (pelvic bone).

    In people without sensation, it can be difficult. Appendicitis is usually accompanied by fever, sometimes nausea and vomiting. An ultrasound or CT of the abdomen is the best test for this. Blood work would also reveal an elevated white blood count (WBC).

    A ureteral stone usually causes more low back pain than abdominal pain, but that can be variable too. Gall bladder pain is usually right upper quadrant, but can also refer pain to the right shoulder in many.

    If the pain continues, you need to go to the ER and have the tests above completed.


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    Thanks... I had pain last night again for a while, but it died off. I had pain like this last year, really bad for a while but ct's and blood work came back normal.

    I do have a weird abdominal muscle spasm that only effects a 2 inch wide swath of abs and when it kicks in, my belly pooch deforms by tightening up and sinks in and the pain I have is just above the pelvic/pubic bone area where that muscle attaches. Could it be a strained/pulled muscle pain?

    I don't have external sensation there so pushing on it doesn't cause extra pain.

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    You need to be evaluated by a Physician. It is very hard to diagnose something without having lab or radiologic images.
    please call your PCP as soon s possible.

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    Appendicitis can have an unusual presentation, as in my case. My white count was normal, I had no fever, and no right lower quadrant or rebound pain; the only symptoms I had were nausea and a distinctly unusual discomfort (not exactly pain, more like tenderness) around the navel. I called my PCP and he told me to go to the ER, where bloodwork and clinical examination were normal (as above), but ultrasound clearly indicated an inflamed appendix. Surgery took place within an hour, and indeed, the appendix was so inflamed that it ruptured on the way to the lab. So…as SCI-Nurse says, it can be tough to diagnose these things without appropriate studies, and if you're still experiencing discomfort it would be wise to see what's what.
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    If I have blood work done to check for elevated white blood cells, could it be skewed if I currently have a bladder infection?
    I've been trying to get rid of a pseudomonas & mrsa UTI for about two months and I'm having another sample taken Friday (I think the UTI is still in full force but had to wait for a bit before checking it again).

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    Any bacterial infection could cause a rise in WBC count. When you go for your repeat blood test on Friday, you might mention your concerns about appendicitis and ask for recommendations about ruling it in or out.
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    I'm gonna call the home health agency tomorrow and see if I can get the blood work and urine sample both on Friday.

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