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Thread: Had Nerve root blocker at L5, now they want to perform a Rhizotomy- Ablation of L4/L5

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    Had Nerve root blocker at L5, now they want to perform a Rhizotomy- Ablation of L4/L5

    This is my first time on this site. I have had a lifting injury about 3 years ago and until now has only been diagnosed as severe sprain/strain. After two MRI and 1 CT they said I have Tarlov Cysts at S1 and S2 and a tear at L5 disc. My symptoms are pain in buttock, deep toothache type pain down back of leg, deep pain in shin 2nd and 3rd toe goes numb, other pains are sporadic but intense in foot and thigh. Also been having headaches on a regular basis and incontinence. Physical therapy just after injury, did not help, chiropractic services were only 6 but did not show any significant change. Recently had acupuncture for several months and it got rid of the headaches and the shin pain. Once stopped headaches and shin pain returned. Had a L5 nerve root block injection and felt a numbed down effect. Not completely gone, more like I felt when I was normally lying down. Lasted about a day and a half and then the usual pain stated back again. Now they want to do a Rhizotomy Ablation of the L4-L5nerve root level. I am very nervous every they are just trying to put a bandaide on this and hope I go away. I am also nervous about this Rhizotomy they want to perform. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

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    The first questions I ould ask are the following:

    1. Is there any other options out there?
    2. How many of these procedures have you done?
    3. What are your outcomes?
    4. What type of complications might I have?

    also, I would get a second opinion.

    too many unknowns in my opinion.


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