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Thread: moving out would change my life

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    moving out would change my life

    I am a 29 year old C7 quad living at home with my parents. I am independent enough that I can dress and things like that on my own. I do need help occasionally and I'm still not yet super efficient and quick with it. Bowel program is my biggest issue and do require help.
    Without divulging into family contentions, I know that getting out is a must. Does anyone know of housing or independent living assistance in the Northern VA area?

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    You first stop should be a visit with your local ILC (Independent Living Center) which has information, counseling, and knowledge of resources for people with disabilities in your area. You can find your local ILC here:


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    Great thank you

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    I know exactly what you mean man, I have the same dream. I wish you were closer. We could be roommates.
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