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Thread: osteoporosis - suggest doctor please

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    osteoporosis - suggest doctor please

    Hi all,

    Recently got femur fracture in left leg. I am diagnosed osteoporosis. Also spine is osteopenia.
    I am very much afraid. I have already consulted doctor and they have prescribed medicines fofor the same but still I want to consult best doctor out of india.

    Please suggest doctor. I am terribly scared of the future.

    Always thankful

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    Do you stand at all? Do you use FES? Medications for osteoporosis in those without SCI have not been found to be successful in prevention or treatment of osteoporosis in SCI, although there is some indication that the medications combined with leg FES can be helpful, as can the drugs plus standing on a special vibrating plate. It is unusual that you have osteoporosis in your spine, as that area is usually spared in SCI.

    Unfortunately fractures are fairly common in people with SCI. Treatment should NOT include the use of rigid casts as these can cause pressure ulcers. How is your fracture being treated.


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    I consult an endocrinologist for osteoporosis.

    All the best,

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