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Thread: Where have all the pain patients gone?

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    Calmare. An MRI is needed beforehand, fyi, which I can't do because I have a (useless) SCS which, of course, contains metal.

    i was in the same predicament I had a catscan that showed no damage to my c-cpine , over 1 year had gone by and my triceps and traps were atrophying and i still couldnt raise my arm above my head. Finally got the scs removed, it didnt work since day one anyhow, it was a 8 paddled type , implanted via a laminectomy and in place for over 7 years, once removed had a mri and that showed i needed a 3 level cervical fusion to free my nerves, had that about 2 years ago. GEt it out , if not helping
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    I just had a surgery on my cervical spine, he fused C3 toC4,and C4 to C5 to C6. The MRI before the surgery the cervical spine area, looked like dishes at the kitchen sink all tipped one way and the other. The picture MRI and myeologram (sp?) of my spinal column itself looked like a picture of a snake weaving this way and that. What amazes me is I have no clue how my cervical spine got this way. I have over the years fallen, been in car accidents, but with no immediate problems from them. Oh well, no reason to dwell on that now. Both of my shoulders are pretty much destroyed as well with what were described by the MRI reader as "massive" tears, and a variety of other faults like spurs and arthritis the corrective suggestions after I squeezed a prognosis of the end result, really was not to my advantage to attempt.

    Since I cannot walk far even with forearm crutches I would lose too much of my abilities to move my body anywhere, if I did have the recommended reverse shoulder repair. I very much depend on my shoulders to move in the bed at night and to transfer from bed to chair and then to the toilet, etc. The cervical surgery, even only 2 weeks out, appears to have assisted in relieving me of some of the chronic pain I formerly felt, in and down my arms and shoulders as well as feeling some sensation on my pinky fingers on either hand. But I will have to give all this time to see what the final result or end game actually is.

    The surgeon asked I stop taking my pain killers the Fentanyl patch and hydrocodone 10-350, that I used sparingly. He wanted me to be able to see the immediate results as well as making them effective to rid me of pain after the surgery. After the a-fore mentioned two weeks, I have been able to pretty much eliminate my need to use those two pain killers. I certainly like the clear headed feeling every day. I still take my Gabbapentin daily. But so far I am encouraged that the plethora of pain(s) I used to feel every evening and on into the night, seem to be gone without having to use narcotic drugs. That is a plus.

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    getting stoned

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    not in ny, lamest med mj program in usa,need a trip to west coast for a vacation.
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    Hey all! I'm fairly new to actively posting. Injured in 1994 and pain started slowly around 2000. Progressed to the point that I stopped working in 2014 to focus on this pain hell! Anyway, will gladly share if I ever find anything useful.

    Think I've been through all known surgical options and most of the meds. That pain is a relentless and scary force! Praying that all of us get a break at some point.

    C5/6 Complete - water skiing accident 1994.

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