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Thread: How Much Oxycodone Do You Take Daily?

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    How Much Oxycodone Do You Take Daily?

    Hello Everyone,
    My pain has gotten a lot worse lately and I?m hoping my pain management doctor will increase oxycodone daily dosage. Years ago she prescribed three 30 mg oxycodone a day but even with hydromorphone in my pump I still have many days where I have to take more than that prescribed amount to get any relief. It?s gotten a little better now that winters over and having my pharmacist order oxycodone from a different manufacturer helps a little. However, there are still many times when I get little or no relief from the prescribed amount.

    At one point I was taking 80 ?g Fentora for breakthrough pain when the oxycodone didn?t help but my insurance no longer covers the Fentora.

    How much oxycodone do you all take on a daily basis? Are there any other meds you take for breakthrough pain? I?ve tried methadone and quite a few others in the past but none seem to help as well as the Fentora and oxycodone.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
    Dan G. in CT

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    I'm allowed two or three a day at 10-325 mg. I skip it when I can, which isn't very often with the edema issues that make the pain even worse, but never, ever take more than allowed. You just waste your meds that way. Your better off taking them as prescribed and if you need to change things, do it through your physician.

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    Does oxycodone work good for pain? I have pain almost all day long. Sharp burning tingling and the worse one is when it feels like someone stab you with a knife and keeps twisting the knife. I'm taking clonazapham and amytryptiline and my Dr said clonazapham is not for pain and it's for stress but when I cut down on clonazapham the pain is worse and I'm not sure if my Dr will prescribe me oxycodone. I think he's assuming that I'm just abusing clonazapham I had to take a urine test. Oh I'm L1/ L2 and it's been 22yrs and I have pain the minute I gain conscious some Dr and nurse told me it's phantom pain.

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    Depending on your location, your doctor may not be able to give you pain medication. I have to go to a pain clinic, and I went to the one my neuro surgeon sent me to, not one of the quicky ones on the corner of the street or in strip malls popping up promising fast, complete service, and many times want cash only. You just have to try and see which med works for you, but just remember......a med like oxycodone isn't doing a thing but masking the pain. If you abuse the medication, you can end up living in a fog. As for having to take a drug test.......that's a given. Doctors are required to give us the tests, making sure we aren't abusing the drugs, and that we have them in our system and not selling them!

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    some Dr and nurse told me it's phantom pain.
    Phantom pain is REAL pain, but it should be limited to describing pain felt in a missing limb in someone who has had an amputation. You have chronic neuropathic pain or central pain, which is also REAL pain. You probably need to see a different provider who understands this, possibly a pain specialist, although many physiatrists also are expert in this area.


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    I can't find any specialist that will take Medi-Cal

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    Even a physiatrist??


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    I had one he closed his practice and move to a different city and there's no one in my city. I ask him to fine me one that will take Medi-cal and he couldn't find anyone that will take Medi-Cal.

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    Quadzilla, I feel for you , you must have some really extreme pain. I have been going to pain specialist for years now and recently have been administered Hydromorphone also to my pain pump. Hydromorphone is 7 times stronger that morphone from what I have read so far. My first dose in my pump has brought my pain down a whole point on the 1 to 10 scale. One point is a big to me, I also take 6 hydrocodone 10-325 every four hours for break through pain. How long have you been on the hydromorphone?

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