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Thread: Battery issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    How Can I tell if it's the battery or the charger. ...clip...
    Here is how to check if the charger is delivering:

    In the last segment it looks like he has the wires backwards. Negative (black) should be on the barrel and positive (red) should be the center. But his meter is fail safe and fixed it.
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    What make USG the charger? There should be a manufacturers tag on it, might be a small plate in the back with the specs.

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    Like already posted you more than likely in need of new batteries. Even if it's the charger more than likely batteries are pretty much toast if charger has been bad awhile and you still using it.
    Our DME usually checks batteries first, if they are less than a year old, think called load test on each one at no cost.
    Since you posted it's on a Permobil I'm guessing it uses an off-board charger?
    If you have spare charger, have you tried using it?

    If batteries is going to be out of your pocket you might check with Batteries Plus Blubs. We picked up good AGM batteries from them for backup chairs in past at fair price. Be sure to ask beforehand if they have your battery size in stock. Also, if you able get chair to their store and if chair has easy battery access they will change them for you at no cost. But, be sure to ask when call about batteries being in stock, some will some won't.
    "Good Luck!"

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