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Thread: New Frog Sheilds for Frog Leg casters

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    I have them and yes the cup and spacer are one piece very easy to install the caster versus the loose spacers. The caster assy. is captured correctly there is no slop when torqued. I also have good dexterity remaining. While some hair still collects around the spacer section the bearing does not collect any. Since the shield does not spin it does not wrap up like before. You can pull the hair from the spacer section with tweezers easily. I think they?re worth it as my Golden can shed with best, it never ceases to amaze me certain times of the year.

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    Seriously considering these. Too expensive? Yeah. Not perfect? Yeah. But I live in a house with 3 other people who each have very long hair which is impossible to keep up with. Even vacuuming daily I still get massive hair ball build up over time. Thanks for the update elarson!
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    FYI, Spinlife has them for 6.50 ea. Of course it’s x4 so 26.00 not sure S&H.

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